Kingswood Pedestrian Bridge

Brackendale, BC

In fall 2009, ISL was commissioned to prepare a conceptual and detailed design of the 200-metre Kingswood Pedestrian Bridge across the new Sea to Sky Highway 99 near the Township of Brackendale in the District of Squamish, British Columbia.

Improved Safety

The new highway had virtually disconnected pedestrian crossing and access to the nearby school and residential areas in this section of the town. The bridge was proposed as a safety measure to accommodate pedestrian, cyclist and wheelchair traffic across the highway.

Recycled and Reused

ISL elected to re-use existing precast pre-stressed concrete flanged box and Double T beam members, which had been in storage from the dismantling of the Centennial Way Pedestrian Bridge Overpass. Modifying the design to use these superstructure beams helped reduce the capital cost of the bridge by 25 percent while providing a more sustainable solution.

Environmental Care

The bridge was designed and constructed to minimize environmental impacts on the nearby creek and a protected pond. A new culvert was installed to replace a dented and overgrown culvert on site.

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