32 Street Crossing

Okotoks, AB

This project was the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by Okotoks and was designed and built within one year to satisfy tight timelines set by the federal Infrastructure Stimulus Fund.

Vital Connection

This project involved constructing 1.4 kilometres of new arterial roadway including regional pathways, two bridges over the CPR track and Sheep River and a major river diversion within the flood plain. The project provides the only local route that will remain passable when trains cross or in major flood events, significantly improving network capacity for all modes of transportation.

River Relocation

ISL led a multi-disciplinary consulting team that included Golder Associates, who contributed significantly in hydraulics, flood management and biophysical science. A key innovation of the project was the 750 metre relocation of the Sheep River, returning the river to a course it had historically followed from the 1950s to the 1970s. This had numerous benefits, including mitigating the risk of flood damage on downstream lands, reducing bank erosion and allowing the new bridge to be constructed efficiently over dry land.

Environmental Stewardship

As the largest recorded diversion of a meandering alluvial mountain river, the project required careful design and extension of the current state of technical knowledge. Environmental monitoring and mitigation included extensive on-site fish habitat compensation measures, and an active relocation program that helped more than 11,000 fish migrate to the new river channel. All impacted areas within the river valley have also been completely re-naturalized, leaving Okotoks a lasting legacy of sustainable transportation design.

Award Winner

This project won two Consulting Engineers of Alberta awards: an Award of Excellence for Water Resources and Energy Production and an Award of Merit for Transportation Infrastructure.

"A multi-faceted project that has shown very high results in key elements of technical excellence, value, innovation and environmental protection. An impressive project of significant benefit to the Town of Okotoks."
— CEA Showcase Award judges' comments, Alberta Innovators magazine, Spring 2011

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